31 July, 2014

FASHION: What I'm wearing - Midi Skirts

I really feel like Summer has arrived now (famous last words..!) and hand in hand with Summer for me is my love affair with clogs and midi skirts. Is there any better combo?

I thrifted lots of midi skirts from car boots, charity shops and vintage shops last year and this one was by far my favourite. I love the coral colour and believe it or not I was pictured in this skirt in an edition of last years Metro. Ooh-er!

Whilst clearing out my Summer wardrobe I also found this jazzy print top from Monki. Another purchase from last year in fact but it's ace. Rediscovering your summer wardrobe is so much fun.

I'm off to a picnic now with a basket full of diary free, gluten free, refined sugar free biscuits. Recipe will be up later this week. Yumm!

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