28 July, 2014

LIFESTYLE - Let's be healthy

Every so often I go through phases of wanting to be super healthy, eat clean, exercise loads and ultimately make my body some kind of temple. What normally happens is I manage to stick to it for about a week and then I end up getting bored and I somehow manage to forget my original plan. Does this happen to anyone else? It's like someones come along and magically vanishes any willpower I had and I'm back to square one.

This time however, I have a plan. I've decided that rather than putting too much pressure on myself to be more healthy I'm going to just ease my way into it. In an ideal world I'd be sugar free, wheat free, dairy free, alcohol free, exercising every day and having time to relax and get lots of sleep. But being a realist this time, I know all too well that sometimes when life just happens it makes sticking to that strict routine extremely difficult. Plus I have a pretty serious relationship with wine which is going to take some fighting.

So for the past two weeks I've been doing Pilates everyday and for the past week I've been taking vitamins and Immunaid to keep my tummy happy. The pilates is really helping my posture and I'm feeling stronger by the day and the Immunaid pastels have stopped me from feeling bloated. I feel better already!

I'm yet to manage a whole week of eating clean though so this is my next step to focusing on. I've just received the new Hemsley & Hemsley book which I will be reviewing soon so hopefully that will be a good starting point. In the meantime I will just be spiralizing any veg I can find and making full use of my juicer.

Go team healthy! Who's with me?
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