08 July, 2014

LIFESTYLE: What I'm reading

Living in the UK I was a little bit late to the Tina Fey party. I only discovered 30 rock last year and up until that point I only really remembered her from her role in Mean Girls.

We started watching 30 rock during the Winter months last year. Huddled up in blankets on the sofa we did what we are all guilty of and binge watched each series. We watched episode after episode every free evening we had. Only stopping for regular wee breaks, cups of tea and some type of baked good. It's fair to say we were hooked.

The best thing about 30 rock was that it was a tv show about a tv show so in a weird kind of way you couldn't help but think it was a bit real. After Tina's character Liz Lemon, my second favourite character had to be Jack Donaghy aka Alec Baldwin. The two of them together were hilarious. I'm pretty sure I did enough belly laughs to warrant some form of exercise.

This book, is no different, I found it entertaining from start to finish. The book is all about Tina's life and tells the story of being a dorky teenager through to being a boss on her own tv show. The honest and frank tales are relatable, inspiring and hilarious. I urge all women everywhere to read this book, even if you don't know anything about Tina Fey. By the end you'll feel like you've always known her.

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