11 July, 2014

LIFESTYLE: What I'm watching

Ok, how good is Orange is the new black?! I had heard people talking about it but didn't think it was my type of thing. I am a complete wuss so Game of thrones and Trueblood are total no-go's for me. I thought it was something similar so I never looked it up.

It wasn't until my friend Laura, who also happens to also have an amazing craft and parenting blog, Little Button Diaries told me I should definitely watch it. We signed up to a months free Netflix and I settled in for the night.

First off, I was not prepared for Jason Biggs aka Jim in American Pie to be in it. It took me ages to shake off thinking of him as Jim each time he came on screen. Secondly I was not prepared for how hooked I would get.

There are so many good things already. Red's accent, Crazy Eye's eyes, Piper's way of getting herself into awkward situations, Tiffany's teeth (ew!) I could go on...

Is anyone else watching it? We're on season 2 now and it just keeps getting better! Hey dandelion...!

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