13 August, 2014

WHAT I'M READING - Hemsley & Hemsley

I am currently reading a cook book. Yep. With an interest in being more healthy currently in the forefront of my mind (see here) I was treated to this recipe book by my fiancee. I already follow the Hemsley & Hemsley girls on Instagram and have been lusting after this book for a while. It's fair to say I have not been disappointed!

So far I've made the Socca pizzas (see photos), the BB Brownies, Flower Power Pizza (twice) and the Chocolate Molton pots. Each recipe has worked out brilliantly and so far hasn't included a huge long list of ingredients like some gluten free recipe books can do. One of my favourite things about the book is that at the back there is a dinner party section. It's basically a meal plan guide for all different types of dinner party scenarios. It takes the pressure off of trying to work out good meal combos and it means each meal you serve will compliment the next.

I've already bookmarked lots more recipes to try and can't wait to get cooking! Have you got this book or do you have any other recipe books to recommend? 

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