24 September, 2014

LIFESTYLE: The essentials

At the moment I'm finding I'm constantly on the move. I'm always either on my way to the studio, on my way to meet a client or on the way to our publishers. As such, I thought it would be nice to share with you my daily essentials. My essentials are embarrassingly not beauty related or style related but instead productivity related!

iPad Air - For replying to emails, browsing internet and procrastinating on Facebook.
iPhone 5s - complete with Kate Spade rainbow stripe phone case - For making calls and sending texts.
Notebook - For making plans. I love this vintage botanics cover. I bought a set of three so once this one runs out I have two more, hurray!
Pen - I have stopped having favourite pens because I lose them all the time but I have grown pretty close to this one.
Pencil - For back ups incase I lose said pen!
Super+Super book cards - In case I meet someone on my travels interesting in buying or stocking our books.
Scissors - A crafter always carries scissors!

All of these things combined keep me going for days on end. All I need now is a little snack pack in there, some teabags and I'm set. I'd like to know more about what beauty products people do like to carry around with them though. I could always do with a little perk-me-up on the move.

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