16 October, 2014

Fashion: Fisherman's friends

I have been lusting over a bright yellow fisherman's style coat for over a year now. I always spotted people wearing them in the street and hoped that one day I'd come across one in the shops that was long enough for me. Well, I finally came up trumps with Warehouse. This zinger of a jacket is my new raincoat. It's been tried and tested in the Autumnal weather we've been having and I love it!

Also, it doubles up as a high vis late at night! You'll never lose me that's for sure. There's something a bit satisfying about it turning darker earlier on in the evenings. It really feels like Winter is upon us and I'm already finding myself hankering for thick bean stews and jacket potatoes. JP and cheesey beans is one of my all-time favourite combos. I might not be quite so enthusiastic once it's -1 and blowing a gale outside but I'm going to enjoy this transitional Autumn time while I can.

This year has gone so fast already that I can't even believe it's going to be Christmas in just over two months!!
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