06 November, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I was walking down the street earlier and I walked past a house with it's window open and what can only be described as Christmas wafting out into the street. The smell of cinnamon and spiced apples filled my nose and I was instantly taken back to Christmas Day huddled around a fire sipping Bucks Fizz and eating my body weight in ham. They must have had an air wick plug in on the go near their window because the smell was so strong. Either way it was enough to make me realise just how close we are to Christmas.

This year has gone so so fast. It seems surreal that we're nearly in the festive season again. But I'm not complaining. I love Christmas so so much. So much so in fact that I am enjoying a Harrods Christmas Hamper in November. Gotta start sometime right?!

I've now started to think about what Christmas presents I am going to make. Although it seems my Christmas present for JT is sorted - he is loving the Harrods cardboard box the delivery came in, haha.

Every year I try and make all my Christmas presents. Last year we made homemade macarons but I'm wondering if I should steer clear of something food related this year. What are the best Christmas presents you've ever made?
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