20 January, 2015

Hello 2015

2014 was a brilliant year for me. Sure, it had it's low points but didn't everyones. It's at the beginning of a new year that you have the chance to reflect back on all the positive things that happened last year and get excited about all the potential exciting things that the new year will bring.

Here are my top 5 things from 2015:

1. I became a published author. Myself and my crafty partner in crime snagged ourselves a publisher and released two Super+Super craft books called 'Printmaking' and 'Embroidery' - they are stocked in all good book shops and online.

2. I started planning my wedding. This year (3 months to go!) I am going to become Mrs Claire Watts and as a crafter by nature the idea of planning my own wedding was very fun.

3. My best friends had babies. Last year was the year of newborns within my circle of friends and family. We welcomed 4 babies to the world and it was magical!

4. I went to the Maldives. I've never really travelled before but I decided to treat myself after getting made redundant. We booked it within a week and flew off without a care in the world. It was the most exciting thing I've ever done!

5. I started The W Review. The W Review is a positive honest community for women and although it's still in the early stages I am very lucky to have some amazing contributors on board already.

It's so nice to look back on everything that happened but now it's time to look forward. 2015 is the year I get married, continue to build The W Review and there's some more exciting Super+Super news in the pipeline. Having said that 2015 so far has been very chilled. Here's a little bit of what I've got up to so far...

- I'm on a 21 day cleanse. Finishing the year feeling a bit poorly and previous health problems rearing their ugly head I decided it was time to take action. I've got two days to go and I haven't touched wheat, dairy, meat, soy, corn, nightshades, alcohol or caffeine since I started. It's been a bit of a game changer for me and I am going to explore living on a plant based diet more in 2015.

- I've been experimenting with new glasses. I've worn the same pair of glasses for two years and I'm starting to get a bit bored. I picked the glasses from Smart Buy Glasses and these YSL glasses were my favourite from their Christmas guide .

- I've decided to grow my own air (Hello hippy!) Fresh air plants have so many benefits and because our flat can be a bit dark sometimes it seemed like the sensible thing to do. Thanks to the B&Q sale we now have two giant plants in our living room and I love them.

- We did an ace Super+Super event at Drink, Shop & Do in London and spent an evening with lots of lovely ladies making printed and embroidered wallhangings.

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