05 August, 2015

VLOG: Three days in Paris

Last week I spent three very hot days in Paris. Alongside the sweltering heat it's the first time I've gone to Paris on my own. I've been four times before and each time I've gone with friends or family. Despite meeting up with friends who live in Paris (lucky!) while I was out there it's my second solo trip this year. Going away on your own is a bit scary - there's no skirting around that but once you get into the swing of things it's really empowering. You get to do everything on your own timescale, it pushes you to be more confident and it makes you feel really good.

I decided to document my trip this year with a little vlog. It's my first one and it did prove tricky to switch between using my little video camera and my normal camera and in fact sometimes I just forgot to video at all. Hence why you'll notice there isn't much footage of food. I think I was just so excited to eat the yummy food that I forgot! I learnt so much from filming this one though and even though I didn't record myself like all you pro bloggers out there I think it's a good start.

Watch and enjoy my three days in Paris...

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